The mission of the Scarlett Contra el Cancer foundation is to provide support to children with cancer.

Scarlett Aida Rivero Osejo was born in Miami on November 19th 2010, to Shaulah Rivero and Roberto Osejo a.k.a. Red. Almost a month after her third birthday, our princess was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma at Miami Children’s Hospital. Ewing Sarcoma is a type of cancer that develops in the bones and nearby soft tissue. It affects mostly babies, toddlers, and adolescents. Thanks to her spirit, strong character, and the love and prayers from her family, their friends, their friends’ friends and even from people we did not even know from around the world and from various religious backgrounds, and last, but not least, the expert hands and dedication of her oncologist Dr. De Angulo and the Miami Children’s Hospital staff, Scarlett won the battle.

Halfway through 14 sessions of chemotherapy, Dr. De Angulo informed Scarlett's parents that they needed to amputate her right leg in order to save her life. Although it was a very difficult decision, it had to be done, and so it was.

With only a couple of days to prepare for the amputation, her parents explained in detail to her what would happen in the procedure. She understood. After the operation, we were all devastated thinking about all the challenges ahead she was going to face. But just observing her demeanor, even before she received her first prosthetic leg, we knew in our hearts she would be just fine. Although she had lost her right leg, she did not lose her strength or her will to keep on going.

She is already on her second prosthetic leg. Even though its limited range of movement makes it difficult to master walking, her therapist Sherman Mercado says that Scarlett has adapted quickly.  Smart, strong, and determined, “there are no limitations to what she can do.”

While in the hospital, we met other children from other countries whose parents had made huge sacrifices in order to bring their children to a place where they would have a better chance to survive. Some could not afford lodging and/or meals because they had invested all their funds on the treatments for their children. Unfortunately, some of them were not as lucky as Scarlett and became another terrible statistic of death by Ewing Sarcoma and other types of cancer.  

This foundation was created with those children and their families in mind. To help them through those difficult processes. To help them get adequate prosthetics if needed. To offer them the opportunity to participate in activities that could bring a little happiness to their lives while being under treatment. To make it all more bearable.